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The sounds from outer space or was it Oklahoma City?

Frank Ifield was just in my memory for just a  dust in gravity instant.  I lived in central Texas and could only listen to the radio after all the lights were out and it was down low and against my ear.  I was brought up as a holy roler and my folks didn’t cotton much to such sins of the ear.  In the early evening hours I could hear the signal loud but the power was cut at the transmitter and I could hear songs and music through the static and  as the sound faded in and out.  This one of the song I remember. 


Nina Hagen

This young lady was quiet bazarre.  She first caught my eye on German TV (NorddeutscherFernsehen).  I thought she was a drag Queen at first but realized she was for real.  ”

In East Germany, she performed with the band Automobil, becoming one of the country’s best-known young stars. Her most famous song from the early part of her career was “Du hast den Farbfilm vergessen” (“You forgot the colour film”) in 1974. However, her musical career in East Germany was cut short when she and her mother left the country in 1976, following the expulsion of her stepfather.

from Wikipedia

The circumstances surrounding the family’s emigration were exceptional: Biermann was granted permission to perform a televised concert in Cologne, but denied permission to re-cross the border to his home country. During a period when bureaucracy was the norm, and families divided by the Berlin Wall had not seen one another in decades, Hagen submitted an application to leave the country. In it, she claimed to be Biermann’s biological daughter, and threatened to become the next Wolf Biermann if not allowed to rejoin her father. Just four days later her request was granted[citation needed], and she settled in Hamburg, where she was signed to a CBS-affiliated record label. Her label advised her to acclimate herself to Western culture through travel, and she arrived in London during the height of the punk rock movement. Hagen was quickly taken up by a circle that included The Slits and the Sex Pistols; Johnny Rotten was a particular admirer[citation

A Parallel World

This blog is about us. All of us.  All of the creatures that live on this earth at the same time.  All of us who are thrown together out of fate or swirling atoms or what not.  We are all on the same ship that glides through the universe.  These are all the people and places I somehow missed in my traveling along side my fellow creatures of the planet earth.

” Ari Up, lead vocalist of the late 70s/early 80s British girl punk group The Slits, has died of cancer at the age of 48. Here’s the Slits’ classic 1979 Marvin Gaye cover.”